I have always had a love for art and poetry ... something that I most likely inherited from my grandmothers. That love transcended over to photography as a perfect medium for being able to capture a moment in a real, undiluted form. The wonderful power of photography for helping to preserve memories became even more apparent and important with the birth of my children. From the moment my husband and I found out we were expecting our first, we knew that we wanted to document as many moments of her (and her younger siblings) lives as possible. That pushed me to take my photography to a higher level so that we could have professional quality photographs.

Whispering Pines Photography is about capturing memories; about turning moments into art. That goal can only be accomplished by capturing emotions and telling a story about each fleeting moment in time.  Not every shot will be technically perfect, but that's ok, because the memories and the emotions are what will continue to give value to the moment captured.  Capturing your memories. That is what defines my photography. Whether I am being a mom with a camera as my kids play; showing life in its raw, undiluted form through street photography; preserving how the world looks in a fleeting instant in time through landscape photography; or shooting a client session; the goal remains the same.

Memories are made every day and are a priceless gift.