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A little bit of background ... we purchased a farmhouse on 50 acres of land with a deed date from the 1940s.  That said, we found elements of the house that appear to be from earlier in time, so our best guess is that it was once a company house (we live in what was once a big mining area) that was moved to the current location and added onto.  The house was in major need of updates as the former owner was elderly and had not been able to do much in the house for some time.

Today, I want to share with you the before and after pictures of the kitchen.  The goal throughout the whole house was to open it up and create a brighter space that was conducive to a busy family.  The kitchen was no exception.  










As you can see, there was limited storage and workspace and the kitchen needed major updating.  The cabinets that you see were the only storage space in the kitchen other than a pantry space under the stairs.  One of the first steps was to remove all of the lowers.  By this point, we had taken the doors off of the uppers.  They are one of the few original things left remaining in the kitchen are the uppers, which I turned in to open shelving  We closed in the door that led to the back hallway.  That hallway was being removed and with another opening into the kitchen through the dining room, the wall space was a bigger need.  The pantry did not have much usable storage space and was hard to get into.  We adapted that plan by turning that space into a coffee nook.  That also allowed for a reconfiguring of the stairway leading to the upstairs.

Let the demolition begin!  This room basically went down the the studs and then was rebuilt.





























Here is the old pantry that became the coffee nook during the demolition and rebuilding phase.  Below are the after photos. This change opened up the kitchen visually but also gave more useable space with storage above and below the counter and additional counter space.  It also allowed for a reconfiguration of the stairs leading to the second floor.

Next are the demolition and rebuilding phase pictures of the window/sink wall...













































New lower cabinets were installed and the upper cabinet doors were removed and the cabinets sanded and painted to open up the space.  New lighting was installed above the sink and new windows were put in.  Additionally, we switched to an apron-front sink and installed a dishwasher.

Here are the after shots.

Along the back wall, we closed in the doorway that led to what was a hall (now part of the master bedroom) to allow more space.  We also installed cabinets and a pantry.  Here are the demolition and rebuilding phase pictures of that wall and of the main part of the kitchen.
























I included a shot of the table that became my kitchen island.  So, I knew all along that I wanted a kitchen island but that I didn't want a traditional built-in island that was an exact match to the cabinets.  My husband kept asking me what I wanted and my response would be that I would know it when I saw it.  I was browsing in an antique shop near my daughter's dance studio one day and spotted this enamel top table.  It was the perfect blend of incorporating some older character while leaving some visual space.






Now, for the after shots.  Most of the changes to the back wall are actually shown in the above shots where I shot from an angle, but these are some that specifically focused on elements in the center part of the kitchen.

Finally, some detail shots not shown above...

List of changes made:

- Closed in doorway leading to back hall

- new lighting throughout

- converted pantry under the stairs into a coffee nook

- custom cabinets

- acacia wood countertops with walnut backsplash

- apron-front sink

- removed doors from old upper cabinets and refinished the cabinet shelves to turn them into open shelving

- new appliances throughout

- new ceiling

- new walls

- new flooring

- fresh paint throughout

- kitchen island

- new trim

- chalkboard

 - new windows


I look forward to sharing more of our farmhouse renovation with you soon!












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Christmas at the Courthouse 2016 http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/12/christmas-at-the-courthouse-2016 I love living in a small town (or rather collection of small towns that make up one community).  Whether  it's being able to avoid traffic headaches, the kids having more freedom outside, or community events, there is just a certain charm that small towns have to offer that big cities cannot match.  One such community event is when our courthouse hosts a Christmas open house each year, complete with Santa being there for all of the kids to see.


Poor Santa!  We bombarded him with 7 kids!  We missed a few of the grandkids/great-grandkids in the younger group from my husband's family, but we had a pretty good representation!  And, no, they never all would look at me at once ... sometimes you take what you can get and at least none of them were running away at that point, lol.












Poor Sawyer!  He got woken up from a nap to head out there and just wasn't too sure about this whole Santa/leave mommy's arms thing.  The group picture of all 7 kids?  Yeah, he was in the shot because my mom sat down with him in her lap and then got him to stand up and just kind of pushed him over towards Santa.



Cayleigh has always been my child who was not a fan of Santa.  Her 2nd Christmas (as a 1 year old), the only way we got her in the shot was when my mother-in-law held her behind Santa (still crying).  Her 2 year old year, she fell asleep and then we put her in Santa's lap (still one of my favorite Santa pictures of my kids).  Last year, Sawyer LOVED Santa but Cayleigh would only get within a few feet of him to give him the stare-down.  Needless to say, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this year she's Santa's biggest fan!  Thank goodness, because this shot happened while holding a still-upset Sawyer.





It didn't take Seanna long to start giving Santa her list of what she wants for Christmas.  I will say, she has a pretty short list this year and has been really focusing on what she can do to make Christmas special for others, so I'm proud of her.






Justis was a fan of Santa this year, too.  He wasn't too sure about this whole Santa at the courthouse thing ... he wanted to see the "real" Santa, not just one of Santa's helpers who dresses up like him.  I guess he decided this Santa was alright.






I am really proud of Landon here.  He's at that age where most kids start giving issues about believing in Santa and whatnot.  He's been such a big help, though, with keeping the younger kids' belief in Santa going and with getting in the holiday spirit.  Here, he could have decided he was "too cool" for Santa, but he just jumped right in for a picture (even if he couldn't decide where to look between all of us taking pictures).









Damien wasn't quite so sure about the whole Santa thing, but we did convince him to at least stand next to Santa for a picture.



Lincoln was perhaps one of our most adorable moments with Santa ... until he discovered that Nichole ("mom") had moved away to try to get a picture herself.  Then he was "bye-bye, Santa, I'm heading back to my mom."  Either way, a good keepsake.












Dancing to the holiday music.



When your mom is the photographer for the group, you end up having to be in extra pictures.  I wanted a shot of all 3 of mine together.  Sawyer was finally awake and, after seeing everyone else having fun with Santa, decided that maybe he wasn't so bad.











Which meant that I got my shot of him in Santa's lap after all.











Santa wasn't just for the kids!  Laura and Nichole got into the fun.


























Cayleigh was a very satisfied customer.  Seanna decided to play "frozen" for a moment.  Which was made even funnier by the fact that she has no clue about the mannequin challenge going around.


Merry Christmas!

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Summertime Fun http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/6/summertime-fun DM PHOTOGRAPHY

I took a brief break from studying last week to try out creating an Adobe Spark page with some of my shots of Seanna, Landon, Cayleigh, and Sawyer playing.  I thought I would share the resulting story with you; click here (Summertime Fun) to check it out!



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April Showers Bring May Flowers ... Or Maybe Just Crazy Life Events? http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/april-showers-bring-may-flowers-or-maybe-just-crazy-life-events April was quite the month!  Perhaps the biggest stories of April were the health crises that our family experienced, with and ER visit due to an asthma attack for Cayleigh and an extended hospital stay for my husband, Russell.  We also had Russell and Seanna's birthdays, the National Cornbread Festival, and Cayleigh starting preschool in the mix.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY No need to wait until May for flowers (and we didn't get that many April showers); some of these were in bloom at the beginning of April.  The roses were a gift from a client when we delivered good news on their case ... I love moments like those!  They make all the harder moments with bad news a little bit easier to deal with.  There was also lots of flower and garden planting.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Which, of course, included playing with water and out in the yard.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Playing with kitty

DM PHOTOGRAPHY First time on the tire swing

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Who needs regular clothes to play in the sandbox?  Let's just skip a step and go out in our Elsa nightgown.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Getting to drive the toy side by side

DM PHOTOGRAPHY And mad when the battery dies and it will no longer go


DM PHOTOGRAPHY A little bit happier here with a piece of bread and a toy ... although he would have loved to have been outside.


DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Still chicken (and duck, cat, dog, and horse) farmers ... even if our ducks think that they're chickens and are usually waiting at the gate when we go over to the chicken lot in the mornings.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY NiNi's bed will always be a favorite; whether for playing or for stories when you don't feel good.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Sometimes, not feeling good lands you in the hospital ... as it did with my husband.  We are indebted to all of our family and friends who were there to help, both at the hospital and at home.  

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Sometimes you need a nap, or a visit to the eye doctor, or a follow-up to know that your ear tubes are still doing their job.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cayleigh started preschool this month so that she could receive speech and occupational therapy.  I cannot brag enough about the system they have in place or the teachers who already love her like their own.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY The National Cornbread Festival was this month, although we only made it to the carnival that preceded the actual festival days.  Poor Seanna!  She's now too tall for the miniature ferris wheel!


DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY But, the kiddos also helped clean up some, too.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY I now have a five year old ... who had to have pizza (with a face), balloons, and a strawberry cake for her actual birthday.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Yeah, Sawyer pretty much hates going into the carseat but it does make a good nap spot when going to work with mommy.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY The last two days of the month are spent celebrating my niece's birthday and then Seanna's.  There is exactly 20 years and 1 day difference in their ages and Seanna was the first girl born in the family after Laura.  This gorgeous sunset became my {sky} shot when I spotted it while at a family cookout to celebrate their birthdays.



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Project 52 - April http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/5/project-52---april With the switch from my business page on Facebook to only maintaining my Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page, I decided to go ahead and share April's Project 52 shots with you so that those of you who hadn't been following along can catch up on my shots from the year.  April pretty much officially took us from winter-like weather into spring, brought a start of preschool for Cayleigh so that she can receive speech and occupational therapy, brought several major health events within the family, and ended with Seanna's birthday.  So, without further ado ...









DM PHOTOGRAPHY An activity that never gets {old}




DM PHOTOGRAPHY {Black and White}





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Springtime Beauty - Cayleigh is 3 http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/springtime-beauty---cayleigh-is-3 DM PHOTOGRAPHY Being a December baby, doing pictures right at Cayleigh's birthday means that they are always winter photos.  Which, could be great if you live somewhere with a lot of really pretty snow; but, living in the South...

This year, I decided to wait for warmer weather to do Cayleigh's 3 year old session.  The shots below are the results from where we made some time for a short photo session last week.








The thing about being a mom with 3 kids (4, 3, and 1) is that to get a session just with one of the kids can be difficult.  Here, I was trying to take advantage of Sawyer being down for a nap and Seanna still being at school.  Cayleigh lasted a few minutes and then decided that she needed a snack.  And, with her personality, once she decides she needs a snack (and even the specific type of snack), nothing else is going to get done until she's had it. DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Back to pictures ...
DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cayleigh discovered the fun of blowing dandelions ... and then became a little bit obsessed with them.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Her obsession made for some good detail shots.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY We then moved to the pond ... and she discovered dirt ... she never can resist playing in the dirt when it has more of a sand texture.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Under the apple tree ... quite the contrast in size!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Her favorite place ... the sandbox.



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Getting Back to Capturing Memories My Way http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/getting-back-to-capturing-memories-my-way Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to capture your memories and turn your moments into art, who has followed my work, and who has encouraged me in my business. 

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I’ve thought about taking this step off and on for a while now and always kicked the can down the road.  I love photography.  I love how it offers such a unique way to capture memories.  And, I love being able to use my talent to help others preserve their special moments.  However, lately, I’ve found that I lack the joy and inspiration that I used to feel when behind the camera.  When it comes down to it, I’m tired.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I am tired of the stresses that come with running my own business (especially since I have it on multiple fronts, with my husband’s law office and our farm as other businesses).  I am tired of trying to market and anticipate what clients want only to see them go to whoever will offer them the cheapest option.  I am tired of trying to fit into a photography community where there seems to be this invisible bar that, predominantly, can only be met if you are already a member.  I’m tired of putting my heart and soul into creating images that will bring enjoyment to others and then having very few people interact with them when I post them.  I’m tired of seeing the effect that all of these emotions has on my photography and of the anxiety that I feel when I process photographs because I’m afraid that it won’t be what everyone else wants.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY My style of photography is to capture real moments when they happen and to keep as much of those real moments in the final product as possible.  I try to keep post-processing to a minimum, because the images that start off looking one way and then turning into something else entirely, while beautiful to look at, are not me.  Maybe it’s my roots from beginning photography with film, where there was very little to do about everything else in the scene, but that’s just me.  Documentary, real life moments.  I look at the photos that I’ve shot and processed for me, without thinking about what anyone else will think about them and those are the images that make me go “wow.”  But, they are also the ones that probably won’t win any awards, and that’s ok, because they are my real life family moments and they are captured from the heart.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY After weighing all of these thoughts and emotions, I have reached the decision that I am no longer going to have an active photography business.  I will still capture my family memories, landscapes, and other images that I want and will post them on my website and Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page for those of you who want to follow my work.  I will still be there for friends and family who want me to capture their memories.  And, I will still complete photography challenges and projects.  But, I will now do them my way, my style, with no apologies or worrying about whether that’s what is considered the best way to capture memories.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I will be initiating the process to merge my Facebook pages.  I will be keeping my Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page but will be shutting down my Whispering Pines Photography page.  Merging the pages will transfer the likes, etc…so that you do not have to search for another page to hit the “like” or “follow” button.  I encourage you to continue visiting my website and to leave me comments to let me know that you’ve visited.  Look out for plenty of hilarious moments because my kids certainly provide them!  


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Preschool Fun http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/preschool-fun DM PHOTOGRAPHY

I've just recently began sharing about the journey that we're on with our middle child.  We've had concerns for a while about her development; especially in her ability to handle sensory issues.  For the longest, we wrote them off as just expecting too much because our oldest was always so advanced in talking, etc...  Last summer, we had many discussions about our concerns but, ultimately, decided that she was just having trouble adjusting to having a new brother, me being at work, and just the age.  

I decided to bring up our concerns at her 3 year old visit, but did not do well on organizing my thoughts to really articulate what was giving us concerns.  See, the hard thing is that unless you are around her a lot, it's easy to either not notice her issues or to write them off as something else.  Following her visit, where basically a wait and see approach was adopted (frustrating for me because I wanted to either have them say, yes, there's something there that needs to be explored further or to say, no, there's definitely not any issues), I decided that what I needed to do was to start writing down what I noticed so that the next time I was better able to articulate what we saw on an everyday basis.

Fast forward to early in the spring semester of school and they were doing developmental evaluations at our oldest's school.  I didn't realize until I got up there that it was actually for the early intervention program for kids under 3, but, it worked out well because it put me in contact with the lady in charge of the special education program to begin the process of seeing if she qualified for services.  We still don't have a diagnosis, and most likely never will, but she did qualify for services.  We were given several options for receiving services through the school system, and opted for her to receive speech and occupational therapy through the preschool.  Suffice it to say, she loves it!  


Excited to be heading to school!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Her main delay is in speech/communication, so she receives speech therapy both days that she attends preschool.  Part of the reason we chose this route for services was because it was more informal, which works better for her when dealing with transition issues.  Also, she is able to work on interacting and participating in the same activities as other kids.  I have to say, I have been very impressed with the preschool.  I wasn't sure what to expect with living in a small, rural county, but it offers pretty much everything that I had read that you want in a special education/early intervention preschool.  I also love how individualized the approach is; they don't try to make each child a cookie cutter, but rather design lesson plans for the children's individual needs.  Cayleigh already knows which tray is hers and will go straight to it and start playing/learning.  She has come such a long ways since I started working on developing her an early intervention plan for at home at the start of the year and adding in the interventions through the preschool has already been such a benefit.  

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY I forgot my camera the first day that she attended school and then wasn't able to go with her the second.  So, I made sure to bring it her third day.  It worked out well that I had it that day because a special group of students came up from New Orleans to play with the kids at the school.  It can certainly be difficult to get a large group shot in normal settings/conditions, with a group of kids who are anxious for a bus ride and who may or may not understand how you are trying to pose them, you just scan heads and hope for the best, lol! Cayleigh got to go on her very first bus ride.  She has definitely come a long ways since she was a baby (and couldn't handle really any sensory input different from normal) because being on a crowded bus didn't bother her.  That said, the issue with transitions, yeah, she didn't handle having to go home after the bus ride well.  Baby steps ...


Cereal (with milk), icecream (chocolate, or, if we're out, with chocolate sauce/syrup will somewhat satisfy her), and soup ... as long as we have those foods, she is happy.  And, she eats them every day at some point, oftentimes multiple times throughout the day.  Let's not forget, a new spoon and bowl for each.  Here, lunch after getting home was a bowl of cereal with milk.  

The group of students from New Orleans brought presents for the kids at the school.  Cayleigh has definitely enjoyed hers!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Anyone who has followed my photography for a while knows that we have lots of pictures where she falls asleep in random places.  Some of it, I believe, is where she truly just tires herself out because she goes nonstop until she just can't keep going anymore.  Some, too, though, is her body/brain protecting itself from sensory overload.  I found an article just recently talking about that and the light bulb went off because so many of her falling asleep in random places episodes are when we are in crowds, where there's been a lot of noise/activities, or immediately following a sensory meltdown.

The day here was apparently too much for her ... we found her asleep in the kitchen floor.

Life with a child who has sensory/communication issues definitely keeps me on my toes but it has made all of the little victories that are so easy to take for granted that much more special.  And, I love watching her face light up as she heads to school and as she figures out how to do something that she previously didn't do.  The sky is the limit!

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Coffee and Snuggles http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/coffee-and-snuggles It's been a pretty rough past few weeks and there's not been much time to just sit.  One of my morning routines that I try to do is to sit down and drink a cup of coffee (or tea depending on my tastes that morning); something to just get a few minutes of quiet (relatively) in the midst of all of the craziness.  That's not happened much these past few weeks, any coffee or tea has been while on the go.  Sawyer has been feeling the craziness some, too, and decided that he needed some extra mommy cuddles.  


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Quarter of the Way Through ... Project 52 Shots January Through March http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/4/quarter-of-the-way-through-project-52-shots-january-through-march Well, I'm a little bit over a quarter of the way through my Project 52!  So, it's time for a blog post looking back at the first 3 months of 2016!  Be sure to check out my galleries from 2016, I've included additional shots, both from my camera and the more spontaneous, snapshots from my cell phone.  


I started my Project 52 with one theme, then jumped to 3 ... so, the first week I made one shot work.  New Year's dinner at Old Chicago Pizza.  Everyone was a little bit goofy, but had fun.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Finding the light to let the outdoors in and to enjoy the light while outside on the farm.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY When a little boy won't stay in the floor to play and you have a sink full of dishes to work on, he gets put in the other side of the sink.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Coffee, most days I definitely need coffee.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Loving moments, whether storytime and cuddling or sisterly hugs after bathtime.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY My little shadow

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Snow didn't stop the chickens from exploring.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Beds are for so much more than sleeping ... and the trundle bed can no longer stay rolled out because Sawyer has discovered that he can use it to climb on the day bed.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Sawyer was feeling much better pretty quickly after getting ear tubes.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Nightime gymnastics

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY The kitchen table makes a good hiding spot.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Birthday cake from my dad's {early} birthday celebration.  We were all able to be together now, so we celebrated early rather than waiting until June.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Valentine's hearts, a nap following Valentine's parties with a favorite teddy bear, and alligators at the aquarium while on an anniversary date.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY More snow, even if not a lot, it was enough to show up on the porch.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY A cardboard box creates so much fun ... I mean, seriously, why do we spend so much money on fancy toys?

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Because everything is just better with a drink in the middle of the food on the high chair tray.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I suggested to Seanna the other day that we get her a notebook to keep her stickers in.  Right now, though, her bookshelf is her favorite storage place.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Chickens and eggs ... farm life has many responsibilities ...

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Getting into the shot ... shadows during a park visit

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Starting to get some hints of Spring

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Homemade biscuit making ... and playing with the flour

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Makes me think of fairies ...

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Some play with textures



DM PHOTOGRAPHY Their favorite place at the aquarium is the butterfly room

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Technology, even if it's not modern.

For weekly updates, be sure to follow along on my Facebook page!

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Eggs, $3 a Dozen http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/3/eggs-3-a-dozen DM PHOTOGRAPHY

Yes, we are chicken farmers, among all of the other animals at the farm.  It started out with the idea to just get a few chickens last year (enough to give us the eggs that we needed).  Then, the number of chickens grew last year to be a bit more than just enough for the eggs we needed.  Still, we would have some extra eggs, but not too bad (it's amazing what finally thinning down the number of roosters that we had did for egg production from our grown hens!).  This year, let's just say that I have a husband and daughter who went a little chicken crazy ... yep, over 100 new baby chicks (and let's not forget the ducks!).  Needless to say, necessity is the mother of invention and we now have a little side business for this part of the farm.  Below, check out some of my recent favorites from taking care of the chickens.



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The Stories Behind the Photos in the Snap, Love, Grow Feature http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2016/3/the-stories-behind-the-photos-in-the-snap-love-grow-feature This week, I have the honor of having been selected for a feature by Snap, Love, Grow.  If you are a photographer and haven't followed them yet, please do so, their page is a great source of inspiration and a really good support network.  Even if you are not a photographer, check them out to see some really cool shots by a bunch of really talented people.  Anyway, as part of the feature, I was asked to provide them with 10-15 of my favorite shots.  Those of you who know me know that I document my life constantly through pictures, so selecting 10-15 all time favorites would be quite difficult!  Instead, I looked back through what I had shot so far in 2016 and selected 10-15 favorites for telling a little bit of the story of our lives right now.  So, here are the stories behind the shots.

The location of our house pretty much guarantees that we get to witness plenty of cool sunsets, especially since chores around the farm keep us outside as the sun is setting.  Here, a quiet moment at the end of the day as Vlad (our Arabian stallion) eats from his hay bale and Joseph (one of the roosters) heads back across the yard towards the chicken coop.

Another nightly chore that usually Russell (my husband) handles but sometimes the girls join in on ... gathering eggs.

Morning storms sometimes mean we get rainbows, or in this case, double rainbows.  My brother-in-law's cows were in the perfect spot to make this scene (before Seanna and I had to take back off inside as the rain started again! Yikes!).

A rare weekend that was actually slow enough for a family outing.

I am working on getting more confident with free-lensing and getting more consistent results; all of which comes with practice (it can be hard to practice a technique that involves separating your lens from the camera body with a 11 month (1 year Sunday!) who likes to get carried a lot).  This shot of Cayleigh fishing turned out beautifully, highlighting the moment.

Another shot from fishing ... Russell helping Cayleigh toss the fishing line/hook into the river.

A shot from when Sawyer was still feeling so bad from having multiple ear infections prior to having ear tubes placed.  I needed to get dishes done and he wouldn't let me put him down so we ended up with him in one sink while I used the other.

Getting in front of the camera to capture a quiet moment reading to Cayleigh.  Cayleigh's my child who prefers to be alone and who struggles from communication issues/delay.  Reading has become a special part of our schedule as we find what works best for her.

On this particular day, Seanna was Elsa.  The mirror hanging on the wall apparently was too inconvenient, so she pulled it down to the bed so that she could put on her chapstick/lip gloss ... Yes, she's my diva.

The day of Sawyer's ear tube surgery.  The medicine was supposed to make him sleepy ... it wired him and gave us quite a show.  He was playing peek-a-boo here.  The hardest part of the surgery was that Sawyer could not nurse for about 6 hours prior to surgery (we went about 8 hours by the time it was all said and done).  Not easy for a baby who loves his nursing sessions!  For those of you who live in Chattanooga and the surrounding area, let me highly recommend Children's at Erlanger.  Every time that we've had to deal with them, we've been extremely impressed.

Just a few days after surgery and already beginning to feel better ... here, he was trying to follow Cayleigh up onto NiNi's bed.  He just couldn't figure out how she made it look so easy but he still couldn't do it.  I'm sure that we're in for at least a few tumbles and tears once he figures it out.

Seanna, once again in one of her princess outfits, hiding under the table as she played one of her imaginary games.  She lives in her imaginary worlds most days, making up stories and scenes and acting them out (and trying to get the whole family involved).  When we had about a week off from school for snow days/inclement weather, I don't believe that she wore a single, regular clothes, outfit the whole time, going straight from her pjs to her dress up outfits and back.

Payback for all of those mornings where Seanna has (and still does) wake us up really early (the irony being that she can be difficult to get up for school but is up with the birds on the weekends when we could sleep later).  Sawyer decided to try to go after Seanna as she hid under the covers of NiNi's bed.  "Wake up, wake up, it's another sunny day!"

Sawyer watching Joseph as he sung his song to the world to announce that he was king of the yard.  Joseph probably would have been wise to heed the lesson of The Fighting Roosters and the Eagle from Aesop's Fables that pride goes before a fall.  He's recently changed from being the rooster who never bothered anyone to being a bully who likes to attack.  His final strike was this past weekend when he flogged Seanna.  That said, she's advocating for permanent exile rather than a death sentence, perhaps because she's figured out from the last time that we sold roosters that she gets new hens.

Cayleigh twirling in her dress at a cousin's party recently.  I couldn't let that light be wasted!

I hope that you enjoyed the stories behind these photos!  Be sure to head on over and check out Snap, Love, Grow!


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A Day In The (Not So Typical) Life http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/a-day-in-the-not-so-typical-life A day in the (not so typical) life.  So true!  There is no typical day in our lives!  On any given day, I might be at home with the kids, at one of the multiple office locations with my husband's law firm, so on and so forth.  One of these days, I'll do a day in the life post on a day when I'm at the office, but, I decided to start with a day where I was at home and kept my camera with me all day one day last week.

Let's get started!












School means a bright and early start for Seanna and me.  School starts at 8am, but Pre-K breakfast is right as it starts, so she has to be there a few minutes early.  We're working on being able to independently get ready.  Here, she wanted to try brushing her own hair; and did a pretty good job, too!  I helped her finish up since she had trouble getting to the back of her hair still.  Also, you may be wondering, "why a picture of a drawer?"  Pretty much every morning, the panty drawer in the bathroom gets stuck and she starts calling for me to come help.












Russell took advantage of not having to be up at 4am for court and slept in a bit (yes, sleeping past 6-6:30 is sleeping in for all of us).  On any given day, Russell might have to be at court in Chattanooga, Atlanta, Grundy County, Memphis, etc... so both EST and CST courts and all of them start bright and early.  Plus, when going to one of the immigration courts, you have to factor in time for going through security.  Sawyer enjoyed some extra snuggle time with his daddy, but him stealing my pillow is pretty typical.  A typical night for us involves Sawyer starting off in his crib and then joining us (co-sleeping) with a middle of the night feeding.  That said, with a little boy who's teething, nothing's typical right now.  Btw, don't you just love the window light shining onto the mirror with Sawyer's crib? 

DM PHOTOGRAPHY ​Our early morning visitors ... there's a group of about 10 wild turkeys that we see quite a bit.  They've gotten fairly brave, too, coming into the yard quite a bit. 


Cayleigh is usually still asleep when Seanna and I leave for school, but this particular morning she woke up early.  She still went through her wake-up routine of staring out the window and then rolling all around her bed and back under the covers before getting up.  This morning, she, Russell, and Sawyer ended up playing for a few minutes while I took Seanna to school.



Before school, though, Seanna's reward, so to speak, for being ready early, was that she got a few minutes of watching her cartoons before we left.

















Heading to the truck to go to school.  And, Seanna had to have her pretzels with her to finish up as a pre-school/pre-breakfast snack.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY The story of the morning with Cayleigh's cereal?  How she didn't want breakfast.  Every time that I would move her bowl back near her, she would push it right back across the table until it was sitting in the same spot again.  That was the bowl's spot and it was reading time, not breakfast.  That said, she did finally decide to eat (with the bowl in the same spot) when NiNi got her into her lap and fed her.​

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY ​Morning coffee, very important; especially with cooler weather moving in.  I just had a plain coffee cup for my coffee, so not very festive, I guess, maybe I need some red coffee cups?



Morning, of course, means feeding all of the animals and letting the chickens out.  This morning, they had already laid some eggs, so I gather those.  I also continued my "love to hate" relationship with one of the roosters, who is determined to attack.  He's heading for a pot of chicken and dumplings if he doesn't straighten up.






Toys can end up anywhere at any given time.  The goal, of course, with all of the organizing, etc... that we've been doing is to make it easier for the kids to pick up after themselves.


Of course, anything can be a toy, including plastic containers, colanders, wooden and plastic spoons ... "Oh, hi mommy, want to play peek-a-boo?"



















Exploring the door ...












Cayleigh went along to the store with me to pick up some things for their kitchen corner while Sawyer hung out with NiNi at the house.  I almost forgot to get her candy for being good, too (actually, we got out to the car and had to go back in).  She was pretty funny when we went back, too ... she had to wait her turn to get to the counter and was standing there with her arms across her chest and tapping her foot as she (not so patiently) waited.  Of course, when you picture a little pint-sized 2 year old, it's pretty cute.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY One shelf of the kitchen corner.  I've borrowed a lot  of my inspiration for organizing things for the kids from the Montessori approach.  Here, I moved the girls' plates, bowls, cups, etc... to where they can reach them and added a hook for their aprons, a small whisk broom (Cayleigh's favorite thing from the story other than her candy), ​and some kitchen utensils.












Cayleigh got right into the spirit of things, putting a plate on the table to let me know when she was ready for lunch.  She quickly abandoned the plate for the hot dog cutter, though, when I got it out to show her how to cut her hot dog.  Sawyer, was all smiles with his munchies.  Although we do some baby food, we mostly have followed a baby-led weaning approach to introducing table food to him, and he loves it!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY ​Naptime ... usually we nap in the crib, but, since he was having trouble sleeping, we opted for a cot on the floor in his room.  The blanket he's wrapped in was one of mine when I was little.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY ​Of course, when not napping, the most fun thing to do is to get into stuff while mommy (tries to) clean.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY ​After adding a dress up container in the girls' room; most nights, the girls dress up in their costumes.  Seanna got a later start with having dance and then her (requested) NiNi, Seanna, and Cayleigh outing to Sonic, but she still found a few minutes to be a pink princess (a break from Elsa and Anna, yay!  Sidenote, any other moms out there who resort to hiding costumes at times for a break?).  The tv usually goes off for the night around 6:30-7pm, but every now and then, like this night, the kiddos will get a few extra minutes if they're in the middle of a movie.



Getting ready for bed.  Seanna is actually tall enough now to reach the sink without a stool, but sometimes she still wants one, so we keep a second one handy.









DM PHOTOGRAPHY And a few more minutes of playing on NiNi's bed before everyone settles in for the night. 












Landon was at the house tonight and claimed NiNi's bed.  The girls enjoyed having their daddy read a bedtime story to them.  We always have to start with Seanna's homework (the Pre-K kids are each assigned a book each week to be read to them at some point every day) and then we move on to one of the many books on the girls' bookshelf.  I believer that this was one of the nights where we read a chapter from Tom Sawyer.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cayleigh can be very particular about things at times and that includes what she wears.  Here, she did not want to take her tutu off, so, she ended up going to be as a Minnie Mouse ballerina.  Whatever works for keeping her calm and settled!

​I hope that you enjoyed seeing a snapshot of our (not so typical) lives!  While each day is different, so things definitely stay the same, plenty of play time for the kids, story time, and family time.









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Beaches, Pumpkins, Princesses, Oh MY! http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/11/beaches-pumpkins-princesses-oh-my October was a busy month!  Some of the highlights of the month include Seanna being awarded as one of the students in her school who exhibited the most self-control in September, my nephew's wedding, Halloween and all of its festivities, and our first true family vacation since the kids have been born.  I should also add that we now have a 7 month old in the house who can get himself in and out of a sitting position (September was when he went to being able to stay sitting up when we put him there), is pulling up, and is into everything!  His sisters are in trouble!  I've also been able to start transitioning to working from home more where I'm only gone a few days a week, so I've been enjoying some more quality time with my kiddos; although some of that time does involve all of us trekking over to the barn to take care of the animals (and to play on the tractor - turned off of course).  Scroll down to check out some of my favorite shots for the month and then click on over to my Project 365 - October gallery to see what else we had going on. 


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Holidays, Reunions, and Summer - A Look at Our Lives {Unscripted} in July http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/8/holidays-reunions-and-summer---a-look-at-our-lives-unscripted-in-july Wow!  So time has flown by and I just caught last night that I hadn't done my July blog post yet!  Whoops!  What a busy month July was!  We had the 4th of July celebrations, a first birthday party for my nephew, 2 family reunions, a date night (without kids - first one since Sawyer was born), and all of the fun of summer.  So, here's a quick glimpse at some of what went on in July.  Be sure to check out my Project 365 - July album for more of the fun.












We live in a rural area comprised of multiple small towns, so 4th of July celebrations are still very much like what you see depicted on movies set in small towns.  This year, the celebrations weren't quite as festive, with rain and storms throughout the day (that does tend to put a damper on the amount of decorations that will survive!), but it was still fun, for most of the kids.  Sawyer wasn't too thrilled with the big trucks and fire engines sounding their horns.  I expected him to have a fit with the fireworks, but he enjoyed sitting in my lap watching them.




As you can imagine, all of the kids were in definite need of baths and changes of clothes by the end of the day!








We only made it out twice for blackberry picking, but we got enough for several cobblers.  Our peach tree also, while having less peaches than some years, has been producing, so we've been enjoying fresh fruit from multiple sources!  Also, we ran out of time to keep the garden up but I am so glad that we kept some tomato plants on the porch in pots because the girls have loved being able to just walk out an pick cherry tomatoes to eat.  Flowers are fun to water, too!






























Life is always entertaining at dinnertime ... especially when two little girls decide to play "pirates" and sword-fight with their forks!  And, I'm pretty sure that Sawyer thought that his sisters were certifiably crazy when Seanna decided to pin Cayleigh down to tickle her foot with a feather.















Date night without the kids was live music at Sewanee Angel Park followed by dinner with good friends.  Sawyer also decided that night that he wanted nothing to do with a bottle; so, while he was good for NiNi during the time we were gone, he was definitely ready for mommy to be home later!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cayleigh continued her trend of falling asleep anywhere while we were at the Gray family reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This was the first time that any of the extended family on my mom's side had met Cayleigh and Sawyer and only the second time that the ones who met Seanna as a baby had seen her.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY 2nd cousins and only 4 days apart in age.  Sawyer is on the left (he was burning up and had to go down to a diaper to be comfortable ... the bad thing about hot temperatures and humidity when we generally have milder temperatures and very little humidity).  Samuel is on the right and is my cousin Christopher's little boy.

I spy in the plant a little kitty who is spoiled rotten.  She'll let the girls carry her around everywhere and is quite adventurous on where she'll climb and hang out.  She already had the name Ollie when she joined us at the beginning of the month, but Seanna has now dubbed her Luna.



Mr. Lincoln is one!  He had fun with his cake smash at his party.
















One of Seanna's summer bucket list items was to make homemade lemonade (or lemon juice as she calls it).  She got that done this month.



This shadow picture of Cayleigh swinging makes me think of Peter Pan.




A different type of swing, but Seanna decided that Sawyer needed help going to sleep while in his swing.










Baby eyes where Sawyer was staring up at me as he nursed.














My little night owl ... and you better not mess with her Cheerios!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Sometimes it takes both a fist and a teething toy to deal with sore gums ... little boy is growing up fast!

Maybe I can remember to get my August post up closer to the end of the month!  Until then, enjoy checking out my posts on Facebook, Instagram, and my Project 365 albums!  Also, for those of you wanting to see more of my personal {unscripted} moments on Facebook, be sure to follow my Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page in addition to my Whispering Pines Photography page!

See you again soon!


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Austin Family Lifestyle Session - Using Our Imaginations at Imagination Station! http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/8/austin-family-lifestyle-session---using-our-imaginations-at-imagination-station DM PHOTOGRAPHY Ok, so I may be dating myself here, but the first thing that popped into my mind when Judy told me the name of this park was the radio show "Adventures in Odyssey."  Anyone else remember the imagination station that Mr. Whittaker built that would take the characters on all kinds of adventures?  This Imagination Station is slightly different; especially since it keeps people in the present (unlike on the show where it was basically a time machine), but just as fun.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY I mean, seriously, could you ask for much more fun of an environment?  There's swings, there's towers, there's sand, there's hideouts, there's musical instruments, there's trains ... everything a kid needs to use their imagination to its fullest while playing.

This was really a good environment for Gabe ... he's at that age (2.5) where it takes him a bit to warm up to the camera.  So, being able to play allowed him to relax and get used to me being there.  He's one of my fun kids because I've been taking his picture since he was a baby.  Now, his little sister is just a bit older than Gabe was when I first met him.































DM PHOTOGRAPHY We did sneak a few more traditionally posed shots in...


DM PHOTOGRAPHY I think that Gabe liked the train...












And, I mean really liked!











I think that he may be a bit partial to Gemma as well....



























It was fun spending time with Judy, Chip, Gabe, and Gemma!  
















































whisperingpinesstudio@gmail.com (Whispering Pines Photography) Children's Photography Client Sessions Family Photography Lifestyle Photography Portrait http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/8/austin-family-lifestyle-session---using-our-imaginations-at-imagination-station Wed, 12 Aug 2015 00:55:46 GMT
Sawyer's 3 Month Session http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/7/sawyers-3-month-session It's hard to believe that Sawyer is already 3 months old!  He definitely is not a little baby anymore, either, at somewhere between 15 and 17 pounds (we'll get an exact weight at his 4 month check-up) and measuring around 26.5 inches here at home!  In the past month, he has found his voice, talking a whole bunch now (in baby-talk of course) and smiles a laughs at everything.  At the beginning of June (June 3rd, to be exact), he rolled over for the first time.  He's rolling over a bunch in his sleep now, but we're still working on him doing it more when he's awake.

Since I've not been great about posting blog updates with each monthly session, let's do a quick review of previous months.











Above is Sawyer as a newborn.  He was less than 2 weeks old when I did these photos and somewhere between 8 and 8.5 lbs at the time.  The hats and diaper cover are ones that I crocheted for him before he was born.  The crochet blanket in his 1 month photos (below) is also one that I crocheted for him.











Here's Sawyer at 1 month old.  He's a little bit more alert here, having very little interest in going to sleep for these (he did snooze for the last few pictures after he decided that he needed a snack).  The blanket he's swaddled in was his PawPaw's.











We almost didn't get Sawyer's 2 months pictures done with waiting on decent weather to shoot outside, but we managed to sneak in a few one afternoon.  Sawyer discovered starting to play just a few days before these pictures.  He still likes playing with the lovie that his daddy got him, but his favorite toy is a blanket.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Now for Sawyer's 3 month photos!  We got these in just a few days after he turned 3 months old and while we were camping at Fall Creek Falls.  He started off awake and we got a few water shots and then he decided that it was time to nurse and nap, which gave me some more sweet snoozing pictures!  Not too many opportunities for those during planned sessions left!  In the picture above, he's laying on a blanket that I crocheted for him and wearing a bib, some booties, and a blanket that was given to us as a gift for Sawyer.











He didn't mind the water quite as much this way (he wasn't a big fan of it his first time swimming in the creek, although he warmed up to the idea).

DM PHOTOGRAPHY The blanket here is the one that he loves playing with and is also one that my grandmother made for me out of material from a maternity dress of my mom's.  I didn't even know that story until recently when I posted a photo of him playing with the blanket, but all the better for including the blanket in his photos since there's a double significance (it being a favorite toy and passed down through the family).  He was nice and relaxed here!  He actually sleep through us getting back to the campsite from the creek and then for a little bit longer in his pack n' play.  I guess being a model wears you out, lol!

Be sure to check out more photos of my growing boy in the albums on my website!

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June Round-Up http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/7/june-round-up DM PHOTOGRAPHY Well, another month has come and gone ... and, a busy month, too!  Between everyday life, birthdays, a Braves game, and camping, it seemed like the month had just started by the time it ended!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY This was my first Project 365 shot of the month and was hilarious because Laura and I had just been talking about Cayleigh's tendency to fall asleep in random places.  Here, she had skipped her nap and then fell asleep while eating her cereal (late-afternoon snack).













One thing about summer ... the light is generally beautiful!  In the above picture of Seanna, she disappeared outside on us.  When we found her on the porch, she stated that she went out to sit in the sun and warm up.  Cayleigh couldn't keep her hands off of the cookie jar during the girls' (and Sawyer, briefly) tea party under the peach tree.










With summer comes a little bit later bedtimes as well as multiple opportunities to capture shots of bedtime stories.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY That said, someone (Cayleigh) is not much of a morning person ... early or late bedtime notwithstanding.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY We have also had multiple cookouts, which has led to lots of fun and games with friends and cousins.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cookouts and later nights also lead to multiple firefly catching opportunities, which has become one of Seanna's favorite pastimes.









The kids' first Braves game was a success, with them having a great time and a Braves win!  Be sure to check out more photos from the Braves game!

























We've taken advantage of the nice weather with lots of outdoor fun and checking off as many bucket list items as possible as well.

Speaking of outdoors, this month was also when we took our camping trip to Fall Creek Falls.  Here are a few photos from that trip; check out more in my Fall Creek Falls album and be on the lookout for a blog post about both it and the Braves game!





















Cayleigh had fun with the piano at Carol's house this past week ... and Sawyer had fun relaxing in my lap while I took Cayleigh's picture.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Of course, the campfire was just as much fun!



Sawyer had a big milestone on June 3 - his first time rolling over!  Now, he rolls over in his sleep some, too ... we'll still working on having regular repeats of him intentionally rolling over; plus, he really wants to roll from back to front.



He loves his sling wrap, too ... it allows me a lot of hands free time without much trouble getting him in and out.  Plus, it's waterproof, so I can wear it in the pool/creek or shower.

Music and dancing ... always a part of life each month!


Let's not forget the chickens ... who are ready to graduate to a more permanent chicken coop with a higher fence (so they quit flying over and roosting on the fence) DM PHOTOGRAPHY Let's end this month's blog post the same way that it began ... with Cayleigh asleep, once again, in a random spot.  Looking forward to sharing July with you!  For more photos of June, be sure to check out my Project 365 - June album!







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Baby Jayceon http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/7/baby-jayceon As most of you know, I've cut way back on the sessions that I'm accepting right now so that I can have more time with Sawyer and my girls as they transition to Sawyer being here.  That said, I couldn't resist doing Jayceon's newborn session!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Daniella works at my husband's law firm, so there were two of us who were pregnant at the same time with the exception of a few months on the front and back ends of our pregnancies (I was due 3/27/15 and had Sawyer on 3/20/15; Dani was due the end of May and had Jayceon on 5/25/15).  We didn't spend a lot of time on Jayceon's session, but we made sure that we captured some sweet, real moments and shots of Jayceon in his everyday surroundings.  What was really entertaining was the contrast of Sawyer and Jayceon ... there's not much difference in age between the two, but there is definitely a size difference!  It will be interesting to see how that works out as the boys get older.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY We took advantage of the light shining in the balcony door...

DM PHOTOGRAPHY All of the little details...



































A few shots with mom...


A few on the couch...

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY And, we can't forget a few in the bedroom where Jayceon sleeps...

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Be sure to check out more of Jayceon's pictures in his album!

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A Look Into Our Lives {Unscripted} - May 2015 http://www.whisperingpinesphotography.com/blog/2015/6/a-look-into-our-lives-unscripted---may-2015

After reading the {Life Unscripted} blog circle posts, it occurred to me what a neat idea that was to share some of what happened in the photographers' lives the previous month.  So, taking those posts as inspiration, I decided to start a similar monthly blog post.  I certainly have the photos, with my Project 365, so I invite you to take a moment to see some of my life {unscripted} in this blog post.  When you're done, be sure to check out my galleries from each month's Project 365.


May was certainly a busy month!  We had Mother's Day, birthday parties, Seanna's dance recital, and a trip to Memphis all thrown in with our everyday lives!  I also started playing with freelensing on some shots ... one of the resulting photos is the first photo here in this blog post.  So, without further delay (and in no particular order), here's some of our lives' this month.



The girls had a great time playing outside Whole Foods following lunch while my mom was in town.  We spent the morning getting pedicures (the girls even got their first "pedicures" (or at least their toenails painted), so they were ready to let some energy out by the time we got to Chattanooga and done eating.


We certainly could have used more rain in May so that the fields didn't get as dry and so the grass would come on in for the horses, but we did have some beautiful days.  The temperatures have been fairly mild so far, too, which is great for naps outside while Mommy and NiNi worked on the flowerbeds.
































Cayleigh didn't quite get into the whole napping outside thing that day - she eventually went inside for a nap - but she did have fun helping in the flowerbeds.  Seanna got quite a kick out of turning the waterhose on me the following day and trying to get me wet as I was snapping a picture of her watering the flowers.




Seanna is definitely a country girl and loves helping with the horses and chickens (who am I to argue when she wants to help scoop feed, carry buckets, and scrub waterers?  Might as well take advantage for it now, while she's still volunteering).  She also loves doing silly poses for the camera, even if its just the camera on my phone.























Seanna's birthday is in April, but with it being on the last day of April, we usually end up having her party in May.  This year, she had a Doc McStuffins birthday party.  Luckily for me, Laura, Carol, and Linda (NiNi) took the leading on the planning and setting up of the party since trying to do all of that with Sawyer just barely over a month old would have been pretty stressful.  We also had Justis' birthday party a few week later that we attended ... the rain held off and all of the kids had a great time at the park.  We finished off the month with Briley's birthday party, where Seanna and Landon had fun on the 18 foot water slide.




Cayleigh was still enjoying herself the day after Seanna's party ... with lots of cupcakes still around to eat and lick icing off of (and onto her face). DM PHOTOGRAPHY












Of course, I can't leave out celebrating Cinco de Mayo.  Most years, we just stay at home, but this year we were both working over at the Chattanooga office that day, so we went over to the Mexican restaurant (El Meson) that my husband's law clerk/best friend's family runs for a little bit.  O DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY h, I am going to miss that cheese dip with having to go dairy free until Sawyer gets a little bit older now that we've discovered that he has an intolerance for cow's milk protein (at least I still have salsa).


















Warm weather brings with it water fun outside (and more freelensing practicing)!  There have already been multiple times where the girls don't wait for us to get their swimming suits either, just going straight to playing in their regular clothes.











Sawyer is starting to enjoy some outside time and playing on his playmat as well.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles!  We already have that activity marked off of our summer bucket list (although I don't think that will stop us from having more bubble fun this summer).











My little ballerina had her first ballet recital!  She did really good (and loved being backstage), although she did get distracted a bit by the dinosaur.  Be sure to check out her recital gallery!











DM PHOTOGRAPHY We did get some rain in May, which led to both Seanna deciding to catch the rain and to some dancing in the rain (another summer bucket list item marked off).











Can you believe that there's almost 6 months difference in age between these two?

DM PHOTOGRAPHY A trip to Memphis led to a visit to the new Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid.  And a stroll in Downtown Memphis to Westy's for lunch.























Cayleigh didn't quite make it through lunch ... the late night traveling the night before and skipping her normal naptime caught up with her (PawPaw apparently makes a good pillow, too). DM PHOTOGRAPHY The afternoon light in my parents' new house was just too perfect with this scene for me to resist getting a shot (although Sawyer would have probably preferred for me to keep rocking him).

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Blackberries were a favorite treat, too!  I know someone who is going to enjoy it when our wild blackberries are ready to pick this summer!




A little bit of music and dancing as Cayleigh and Eli played together ... we had renditions of "Let It Go" and "Billie Jean" before it was all said and done.  Unfortunately, I did not catch on camera (nor see, I just got to hear about it) the two of them reliving their kiss from when they were babies.










Speaking of music, Sawyer loves blues and jazz music ... to the point know where he will scoot closer to my phone when I turn music on for him while he's napping when I'm at work.










Miss Cool here with Laura's sunglasses.


Sibling playtime as Cayleigh took advantage of Sawyer scooting off of his playmat.  She did decided a few days later to entertain him, though.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Speaking of playtime, here's a few shots of Sawyer starting to play ... at two months old, he's definitely already changed a lot!


Well, that's our life {unscripted} from May!  Be sure to check back next month for the highlights from June!  It is shaping up to be a busy month as well, with a Braves game planned, a camping trip, getting the garden planted, and working on clearing some of our bucket list items!  Be sure to leave me a comment below to let me know that you were here, too.  Looking forward to seeing you then!


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