Little Baker - Cayleigh's 18 Month Session / Gruetli-Laager, TN

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Finally getting to this post!  Cayleigh turned 18 months old June 6, so back around her birthday she and I took advantage of a free afternoon to do some 18 month photos.  Her Little Baker 6 month photos turned out so well last year that I knew I wanted to revisit the idea; when better than 1 year later?




Here's a then and now comparison for you ... at 6 months old, Cayleigh was not sitting up on her own, was just beginning to scoot on her belly, and was relatively still (so easy to pose and capture).  Now, at 18 months, she can not only sit up but climb up and down onto and off of the couch, chairs, bed, etc...; walk (including a very fast walk that is starting to get close to running); talk; and is into everything, lol!  She still loves to pose for mommy, though, especially when I sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" and bounce up and down for her.



Here are some detail/tiny fingers and toes shots that I took during the photo-shoot.  The one of the cookies and donuts scattered with the pastry cutter was actually taken during a "milk break" when Cayleigh decided that she needed to nurse some before continuing.























Miss Priss gave me plenty of fun faces during the photo-shoot!  I was expecting her to do much like she did during her 6 month session where she played with the flour a lot.  Instead, she seemed to be more into posing and making faces this time (although she still ended up covered in flour!).












We did manage to find a few things to play with, though, such a measuring spoons and an antique egg beater.

I love shooting in our kitchen during the afternoon.  The lighting is such that I can put my camera settings one way to even it out or with just a few changes to my camera settings and to the editing process, I can get some very dramatic lighting and contrasts between highlights and shadows for cool black and white shots.  Cayleigh was definitely a willing subject, too.

Near the end, she decided to get more into playing and focused less on me, which led to some fun shots.

What we did not get done that day was Cayleigh's shots with her teddy bear.  That's actually a big part of the delay in sharing this blog post, because she was not in a happy mood the day that we did the teddy bear pictures so I had planned on doing some more.  Eventually, though, I decided that I had a few that would work from that day (it helps to have a husband who's less focused on the technical, etc... when it comes to pictures sometimes, where I had a certain image in my mind that did not happen that day, we did end up with some "real" moments, which he loved).  The big thing that day?  Mint cookies ... Cayleigh loves them and they always help when she's in a bad mood (even if she does end up with chocolate all over her face).  She loves the tire swing, too ... so we got a shot of her and teddy swinging together.










I hope that you enjoyed seeing my Little Baker!  Her album is in my gallery!



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