Photography Word for 2015

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ABC PuzzleABC PuzzleProject 365 Day 9 - 1/9/15 What's your photography word?  For me this year, it's "story."  Why?  I am finding that my Project 365 has been a good way to refocus me on the very reason why I feel in love with photography to start with.  You see, it's easy to get busy and to get so involved in trying to produce what I think my customers want to the point that the whole purpose of photography is forgotten.  When it comes down to it, though, the photographs that last the longest are not those that have the highest quality technical aspects, such as composition, etc... (although those things are certainly important and should not be forgotten), but the ones that draw the viewer in.  The story of the image is what accomplishes that.



This photograph of my girls having their Tea Party Under the Peach Tree has perhaps been one of my most popular images.  When I shot it, I wasn't worrying about composition, exposure, or the like, I just thought that it would be cute to capture the girls doing what they loved doing with each other ... having a tea party.  Because the image tells a story, it is now one of my images that customers mention the most.







This image was grainy and dark straight out of the camera ... all of the things you are told to avoid when shooting.  But, it was a sweet moment where my husband was holding our oldest daughter and singing to her as she went to sleep.  To have turned the light on would have disturbed the process and the scene, so I adjusted my camera settings for the extremely low light in which I was shooting.  While perhaps not a gallery image, the story of the image, especially as our daughter gets older where she is too big and too "cool" for daddy to hold her, will make it one that last in importance for much longer than some of the more posed shots that I have of the girls.










The story here from Carol and Dean's couples session is about their relationship.  The boots are a pair that Carol has had for years and wears so much that they've pretty much been worn out.  Them sitting together with Dean rubbing Carol's feet is something that they do on a regular basis to wind down from a busy day.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Images don't have to have people in them to tell a story ... here, this barn and silo are covered in ivy.  The disrepair of the structures and the growth of the ivy tell a story of nature reclaiming what humans built over the top of it.




So, what's your story?  What do your images say about you?


For those of you who take photographs, what is your word for the year?  Mine is story, but there are many words that can describe each person's individual photography journey.




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