Holidays, Reunions, and Summer - A Look at Our Lives {Unscripted} in July

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Wow!  So time has flown by and I just caught last night that I hadn't done my July blog post yet!  Whoops!  What a busy month July was!  We had the 4th of July celebrations, a first birthday party for my nephew, 2 family reunions, a date night (without kids - first one since Sawyer was born), and all of the fun of summer.  So, here's a quick glimpse at some of what went on in July.  Be sure to check out my Project 365 - July album for more of the fun.












We live in a rural area comprised of multiple small towns, so 4th of July celebrations are still very much like what you see depicted on movies set in small towns.  This year, the celebrations weren't quite as festive, with rain and storms throughout the day (that does tend to put a damper on the amount of decorations that will survive!), but it was still fun, for most of the kids.  Sawyer wasn't too thrilled with the big trucks and fire engines sounding their horns.  I expected him to have a fit with the fireworks, but he enjoyed sitting in my lap watching them.




As you can imagine, all of the kids were in definite need of baths and changes of clothes by the end of the day!








We only made it out twice for blackberry picking, but we got enough for several cobblers.  Our peach tree also, while having less peaches than some years, has been producing, so we've been enjoying fresh fruit from multiple sources!  Also, we ran out of time to keep the garden up but I am so glad that we kept some tomato plants on the porch in pots because the girls have loved being able to just walk out an pick cherry tomatoes to eat.  Flowers are fun to water, too!






























Life is always entertaining at dinnertime ... especially when two little girls decide to play "pirates" and sword-fight with their forks!  And, I'm pretty sure that Sawyer thought that his sisters were certifiably crazy when Seanna decided to pin Cayleigh down to tickle her foot with a feather.















Date night without the kids was live music at Sewanee Angel Park followed by dinner with good friends.  Sawyer also decided that night that he wanted nothing to do with a bottle; so, while he was good for NiNi during the time we were gone, he was definitely ready for mommy to be home later!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY Cayleigh continued her trend of falling asleep anywhere while we were at the Gray family reunion in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  This was the first time that any of the extended family on my mom's side had met Cayleigh and Sawyer and only the second time that the ones who met Seanna as a baby had seen her.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY 2nd cousins and only 4 days apart in age.  Sawyer is on the left (he was burning up and had to go down to a diaper to be comfortable ... the bad thing about hot temperatures and humidity when we generally have milder temperatures and very little humidity).  Samuel is on the right and is my cousin Christopher's little boy.

I spy in the plant a little kitty who is spoiled rotten.  She'll let the girls carry her around everywhere and is quite adventurous on where she'll climb and hang out.  She already had the name Ollie when she joined us at the beginning of the month, but Seanna has now dubbed her Luna.



Mr. Lincoln is one!  He had fun with his cake smash at his party.
















One of Seanna's summer bucket list items was to make homemade lemonade (or lemon juice as she calls it).  She got that done this month.



This shadow picture of Cayleigh swinging makes me think of Peter Pan.




A different type of swing, but Seanna decided that Sawyer needed help going to sleep while in his swing.










Baby eyes where Sawyer was staring up at me as he nursed.














My little night owl ... and you better not mess with her Cheerios!

DM PHOTOGRAPHY DM PHOTOGRAPHY Sometimes it takes both a fist and a teething toy to deal with sore gums ... little boy is growing up fast!

Maybe I can remember to get my August post up closer to the end of the month!  Until then, enjoy checking out my posts on Facebook, Instagram, and my Project 365 albums!  Also, for those of you wanting to see more of my personal {unscripted} moments on Facebook, be sure to follow my Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page in addition to my Whispering Pines Photography page!

See you again soon!



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