The Stories Behind the Photos in the Snap, Love, Grow Feature

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This week, I have the honor of having been selected for a feature by Snap, Love, Grow.  If you are a photographer and haven't followed them yet, please do so, their page is a great source of inspiration and a really good support network.  Even if you are not a photographer, check them out to see some really cool shots by a bunch of really talented people.  Anyway, as part of the feature, I was asked to provide them with 10-15 of my favorite shots.  Those of you who know me know that I document my life constantly through pictures, so selecting 10-15 all time favorites would be quite difficult!  Instead, I looked back through what I had shot so far in 2016 and selected 10-15 favorites for telling a little bit of the story of our lives right now.  So, here are the stories behind the shots.

The location of our house pretty much guarantees that we get to witness plenty of cool sunsets, especially since chores around the farm keep us outside as the sun is setting.  Here, a quiet moment at the end of the day as Vlad (our Arabian stallion) eats from his hay bale and Joseph (one of the roosters) heads back across the yard towards the chicken coop.

Another nightly chore that usually Russell (my husband) handles but sometimes the girls join in on ... gathering eggs.

Morning storms sometimes mean we get rainbows, or in this case, double rainbows.  My brother-in-law's cows were in the perfect spot to make this scene (before Seanna and I had to take back off inside as the rain started again! Yikes!).

A rare weekend that was actually slow enough for a family outing.

I am working on getting more confident with free-lensing and getting more consistent results; all of which comes with practice (it can be hard to practice a technique that involves separating your lens from the camera body with a 11 month (1 year Sunday!) who likes to get carried a lot).  This shot of Cayleigh fishing turned out beautifully, highlighting the moment.

Another shot from fishing ... Russell helping Cayleigh toss the fishing line/hook into the river.

A shot from when Sawyer was still feeling so bad from having multiple ear infections prior to having ear tubes placed.  I needed to get dishes done and he wouldn't let me put him down so we ended up with him in one sink while I used the other.

Getting in front of the camera to capture a quiet moment reading to Cayleigh.  Cayleigh's my child who prefers to be alone and who struggles from communication issues/delay.  Reading has become a special part of our schedule as we find what works best for her.

On this particular day, Seanna was Elsa.  The mirror hanging on the wall apparently was too inconvenient, so she pulled it down to the bed so that she could put on her chapstick/lip gloss ... Yes, she's my diva.

The day of Sawyer's ear tube surgery.  The medicine was supposed to make him sleepy ... it wired him and gave us quite a show.  He was playing peek-a-boo here.  The hardest part of the surgery was that Sawyer could not nurse for about 6 hours prior to surgery (we went about 8 hours by the time it was all said and done).  Not easy for a baby who loves his nursing sessions!  For those of you who live in Chattanooga and the surrounding area, let me highly recommend Children's at Erlanger.  Every time that we've had to deal with them, we've been extremely impressed.

Just a few days after surgery and already beginning to feel better ... here, he was trying to follow Cayleigh up onto NiNi's bed.  He just couldn't figure out how she made it look so easy but he still couldn't do it.  I'm sure that we're in for at least a few tumbles and tears once he figures it out.

Seanna, once again in one of her princess outfits, hiding under the table as she played one of her imaginary games.  She lives in her imaginary worlds most days, making up stories and scenes and acting them out (and trying to get the whole family involved).  When we had about a week off from school for snow days/inclement weather, I don't believe that she wore a single, regular clothes, outfit the whole time, going straight from her pjs to her dress up outfits and back.

Payback for all of those mornings where Seanna has (and still does) wake us up really early (the irony being that she can be difficult to get up for school but is up with the birds on the weekends when we could sleep later).  Sawyer decided to try to go after Seanna as she hid under the covers of NiNi's bed.  "Wake up, wake up, it's another sunny day!"

Sawyer watching Joseph as he sung his song to the world to announce that he was king of the yard.  Joseph probably would have been wise to heed the lesson of The Fighting Roosters and the Eagle from Aesop's Fables that pride goes before a fall.  He's recently changed from being the rooster who never bothered anyone to being a bully who likes to attack.  His final strike was this past weekend when he flogged Seanna.  That said, she's advocating for permanent exile rather than a death sentence, perhaps because she's figured out from the last time that we sold roosters that she gets new hens.

Cayleigh twirling in her dress at a cousin's party recently.  I couldn't let that light be wasted!

I hope that you enjoyed the stories behind these photos!  Be sure to head on over and check out Snap, Love, Grow!



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