Getting Back to Capturing Memories My Way

April 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to capture your memories and turn your moments into art, who has followed my work, and who has encouraged me in my business. 

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I’ve thought about taking this step off and on for a while now and always kicked the can down the road.  I love photography.  I love how it offers such a unique way to capture memories.  And, I love being able to use my talent to help others preserve their special moments.  However, lately, I’ve found that I lack the joy and inspiration that I used to feel when behind the camera.  When it comes down to it, I’m tired.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I am tired of the stresses that come with running my own business (especially since I have it on multiple fronts, with my husband’s law office and our farm as other businesses).  I am tired of trying to market and anticipate what clients want only to see them go to whoever will offer them the cheapest option.  I am tired of trying to fit into a photography community where there seems to be this invisible bar that, predominantly, can only be met if you are already a member.  I’m tired of putting my heart and soul into creating images that will bring enjoyment to others and then having very few people interact with them when I post them.  I’m tired of seeing the effect that all of these emotions has on my photography and of the anxiety that I feel when I process photographs because I’m afraid that it won’t be what everyone else wants.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY My style of photography is to capture real moments when they happen and to keep as much of those real moments in the final product as possible.  I try to keep post-processing to a minimum, because the images that start off looking one way and then turning into something else entirely, while beautiful to look at, are not me.  Maybe it’s my roots from beginning photography with film, where there was very little to do about everything else in the scene, but that’s just me.  Documentary, real life moments.  I look at the photos that I’ve shot and processed for me, without thinking about what anyone else will think about them and those are the images that make me go “wow.”  But, they are also the ones that probably won’t win any awards, and that’s ok, because they are my real life family moments and they are captured from the heart.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY After weighing all of these thoughts and emotions, I have reached the decision that I am no longer going to have an active photography business.  I will still capture my family memories, landscapes, and other images that I want and will post them on my website and Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page for those of you who want to follow my work.  I will still be there for friends and family who want me to capture their memories.  And, I will still complete photography challenges and projects.  But, I will now do them my way, my style, with no apologies or worrying about whether that’s what is considered the best way to capture memories.

DM PHOTOGRAPHY I will be initiating the process to merge my Facebook pages.  I will be keeping my Lawbooks, Diapers, and Horseshoes page but will be shutting down my Whispering Pines Photography page.  Merging the pages will transfer the likes, etc…so that you do not have to search for another page to hit the “like” or “follow” button.  I encourage you to continue visiting my website and to leave me comments to let me know that you’ve visited.  Look out for plenty of hilarious moments because my kids certainly provide them!  



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