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First of all, a big THANK YOU! to my nephew who helped me get the glitches worked out with my website so that I can finally share this blog post with you.  Anyway, I know that a lot of you have been looking forward to seeing our before and after pictures from our farmhouse renovation.  I initially had big plans of doing one big blog post, but after further reflection, decided that splitting it up room by room would be best.  This decision has really worked out now where we ended up moving in with some stuff still to finish.  So, you may be getting updates on some of the rooms after the blog post for them is posted!

A little bit of background ... we purchased a farmhouse on 50 acres of land with a deed date from the 1940s.  That said, we found elements of the house that appear to be from earlier in time, so our best guess is that it was once a company house (we live in what was once a big mining area) that was moved to the current location and added onto.  The house was in major need of updates as the former owner was elderly and had not been able to do much in the house for some time.

Today, I want to share with you the before and after pictures of the kitchen.  The goal throughout the whole house was to open it up and create a brighter space that was conducive to a busy family.  The kitchen was no exception.  










As you can see, there was limited storage and workspace and the kitchen needed major updating.  The cabinets that you see were the only storage space in the kitchen other than a pantry space under the stairs.  One of the first steps was to remove all of the lowers.  By this point, we had taken the doors off of the uppers.  They are one of the few original things left remaining in the kitchen are the uppers, which I turned in to open shelving  We closed in the door that led to the back hallway.  That hallway was being removed and with another opening into the kitchen through the dining room, the wall space was a bigger need.  The pantry did not have much usable storage space and was hard to get into.  We adapted that plan by turning that space into a coffee nook.  That also allowed for a reconfiguring of the stairway leading to the upstairs.

Let the demolition begin!  This room basically went down the the studs and then was rebuilt.





























Here is the old pantry that became the coffee nook during the demolition and rebuilding phase.  Below are the after photos. This change opened up the kitchen visually but also gave more useable space with storage above and below the counter and additional counter space.  It also allowed for a reconfiguration of the stairs leading to the second floor.

Next are the demolition and rebuilding phase pictures of the window/sink wall...













































New lower cabinets were installed and the upper cabinet doors were removed and the cabinets sanded and painted to open up the space.  New lighting was installed above the sink and new windows were put in.  Additionally, we switched to an apron-front sink and installed a dishwasher.

Here are the after shots.

Along the back wall, we closed in the doorway that led to what was a hall (now part of the master bedroom) to allow more space.  We also installed cabinets and a pantry.  Here are the demolition and rebuilding phase pictures of that wall and of the main part of the kitchen.
























I included a shot of the table that became my kitchen island.  So, I knew all along that I wanted a kitchen island but that I didn't want a traditional built-in island that was an exact match to the cabinets.  My husband kept asking me what I wanted and my response would be that I would know it when I saw it.  I was browsing in an antique shop near my daughter's dance studio one day and spotted this enamel top table.  It was the perfect blend of incorporating some older character while leaving some visual space.






Now, for the after shots.  Most of the changes to the back wall are actually shown in the above shots where I shot from an angle, but these are some that specifically focused on elements in the center part of the kitchen.

Finally, some detail shots not shown above...

List of changes made:

- Closed in doorway leading to back hall

- new lighting throughout

- converted pantry under the stairs into a coffee nook

- custom cabinets

- acacia wood countertops with walnut backsplash

- apron-front sink

- removed doors from old upper cabinets and refinished the cabinet shelves to turn them into open shelving

- new appliances throughout

- new ceiling

- new walls

- new flooring

- fresh paint throughout

- kitchen island

- new trim

- chalkboard

 - new windows


I look forward to sharing more of our farmhouse renovation with you soon!













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