Frequently Asked Questions

1. What investment can I expect to make when I schedule a session with Whispering Photography?

A - The average customer will spend between $200-$500 dollars depending on the session package that they select (wedding and birth photography clients can expect to spend $1,000-$5,000).  We offer a wide range of session options and photo products, digital images, prints, calendars, Iphone and Ipad covers, apparel, and much more!

2. Is there a limit on the number of people who can be included in a session?

A - The price is the same regardless of the number of people that you want included in your session.  Just keep in mind that the more people there are (especially if they are some of our younger clients), the longer it will take to pose everyone resulting in a smaller amount of final shots.

3. What about outfits, can I wear multiple outfits throughout?

A - Yes, although the time to change outfits is counted as part of your session time, so be sure to take that into account when choosing your session length.

4.  Who chooses the location?

A - As the client, you always have first choice on the location.  As the photographer, I will offer advice on how the location you have in mind will impact the final product.  I am finding, however, that probably 75% of my clients want me to choose a location for them, so I always have location suggestions ready if you would rather me suggest the photoshoot location.

5. What areas of the U.S. do you offer photography services in?

A - I am located in Grundy County, TN and that is my primary base of operation.  That said, I am frequently in both Memphis and Chattanooga and offer many session dates in those cities.  I am also available to travel throughout the remainder of TN, the Southeast, etc... if booked.  If you are interested in Whispering Photography's services but are not in one of my regular service areas, contact me for a quote on the session fee.  Birth photography services, due to the unpredictable nature of timing the birth, is limited to hospitals within a 1 hour radius of Grundy County, TN (such as hospitals in Chattanooga, TN; McMinnville, TN; or Winchester, TN.  If you are giving birth at a birthing center or at home and are within that radius, I am available for birth photography at those locations as well).

6. What types of photography do you offer?

A - Whispering Pines Photography offers wedding photography, lifestyle sessions, and birth/fresh 48 sessions.

7. What types of photographs do you take in your spare time?

A - As a mom, my role as a photographer is first and foremost to document my family's life.  As such, I have a LOT of pictures of my children.  Other photographs that I enjoy taking are of nature and of the horses on our farm.

8. What if I am interested in a type of session not listed above?

A - That's the thing with photography, everyone's needs are so unique that it would be impossible to fully cover the list of session types on here.  If you are interested in my photography services, then contact me for a consultation and quote so that I can shape a session just for you.

9.  How long are photographs displayed on your website?

A - Client session galleries are displayed for the entirety of the month following the month in which they are shot (i.e. June galleries will be displayed throughout the month of July).  After that, the galleries are locked.  Because of this, it is important to place your session order during that time period so that you can view and select them from your home computer.  Your session pictures are still protected and stored but are no longer available for public viewing following that time period.  However, if you realize later down the road that you would like to purchase additional photo products, you can contact me to schedule an ordering session.  

Portfolio, Project, and Storytelling galleries are always displayed and are updated frequently.  These galleries contain a collection of photographs taken by Whispering Pines Photography and offer viewers a peek into my style.


*** Have a question that's not covered on this page?  You can send me a message through the contact page on my website or just email me directly at  Rather call?  I am available by phone at either 423-567-0052 or 931-779-3745.  If you don't get me on the phone right away, leave me a message as I am likely out at a photo shoot, at my day job as firm manager for my husband's law firm, or busy being a mom to my children and will call you back. ***