Capturing your memories and turning your moments into art.  That is the goal of each and every session with Whispering Pines Photography.  It is with that goal in mind that Whispering Pines Photography works on commission based on the individual needs of each client.  







What makes your moments special?  What turns the ordinary into treasured artwork?  The answer differs for each and every client and the session length, location, and photo product needs are just as varied.  When you hire Whispering Pines Photography, you are not hiring a photographer who shoots every session as if it's the same as before; you are commissioning a customized session tailored to your needs.




As part of your commission consultation for our sessions, we will set a plan for your goals and future uses of the photographs that are generated during your session.  For those of you who want less customized pricing, the following packages are available:

Package A - This package includes a 2 hour session, a $50 print credit, and all of your fully edited, high-resolution images in digital format.  On average, expect 25-50 images (or more!) to result from your session, although that number may vary depending on how well the session goes (how much time we had to spend trying to get all participants to cooperate, how many outfit changes you have, etc...).  $300.00

Package B - This package includes a 2 hour session and 10 fully edited, high resolution images in digital format.  Your unedited images will be placed in a password protected, private gallery where you will have 5 days to select the 10 images that you wish to receive or to select an option to purchase all of your images.  Once you make your selection, only the images that you selected will be available in the future. - $125.00

For additional session options, including variations on session length (shorter or longer than 2 hours) and what comes with your package, please contact me for a customized quote.  

Wedding pricing is only available by customized quote following a consultation to discuss your needs.

Whispering Pines Photography is proud to work with Miller's Professional Imaging for our customer's print product needs.  Miller's products are created on the highest-quality, archival photographic paper with true color representation ... the finished result from your session is what you receive through your print photography products!







When you commission Whispering Pines Photography, you are investing in not just the session experience but in artwork that will stand the test of time.  Your memories are special and deserve that investment.  Are you ready to create your commission package today?  The first step is easy, contact Whispering Pines Photography at 423-567-0052 or










*Payment plans are available for both sessions and photography product packages.  All session payment plans must be paid in full prior to the date of the session.  If combining a session and photography products into one commission (recommended), Whispering Pines Photography will breakdown the allocation of the commission to the session fee and the print credit.  Photography products may be paid for following the session, but must be paid in full before your order is placed with our lab.*