We've all been there ... standing in line for the chain photography stores to get photos made.  But, that's not what you want to immortalize your images, is it?  No, you knew that there had to be something more, something that would make this uniquely about you.  That's why you took the time to learn what photography services were available; that's what led you here, to Whispering Pines Photography.  You are here because you want to look at your photos and know that they immortalize your moments, because you want to react like these clients:





"Dottie, thank you so much. These pictures are beautiful.  They captured so much of the day. I love them."


"Dottie, thank you so much for your great work.  The final product looks amazing! ;)"


"These are so awesome!!! I loved them all!!!"

Capturing your memories and turning your moments into art.  There's something striking about art; something immortal.  Art tells a story in a way to reaches beyond language, beyond time.  It simply is.  Art makes you stop and ask about the story; it draws you in.  Art brightens our lives in a way that nothing else can.  But, you know what is truly remarkable about art?  It is all about you.






Immortalizing your life through the art of photography doesn't begin when someone picks up a camera, it begins when your photographer cares enough to learn about you, about your story.  Will you tell us your story today?














After telling us your story, let us spend some time with you.  Let us immortalize that moment in time.  This is not about giving you generic photos, this is about you, your moment.  That's why we work closely with you to create a session that is uniquely you.  The goal with our sessions is that you feel as relaxed and comfortable as you would when spending time with a close friend.













Your memories, immortalized into art.  Art shouldn't be hidden away, it should be on display for the world to see.  That's why we offer archival quality prints and photo products so that your memories, your art can be seen and enjoyed by all who enter your home, your office, your world.



Are you ready?  This is your moment.